Asyl-Invest had T56,9 million expences in 2015


In 2015, Financial Group Asyl pulled down to 56,9 million tenges as worse as lost 148,1 million tenges in previews year.

According to, Asyl-Invest profits increased by 11,2%. Company’s issuer earned 400,2 million tenges last year and this number was less for 40 million tenges in 2014. For December 31, Financial Group pulled in 909,2 million tenges, comparing with previews year, revenue composed T732,4 million.

Issuer bond price grew 2,7 times. In the end of 2014, the index level of the company showed 25,5 million tenges which exceeded till 70,9 million tenges last year.

The own capital of the company in a year decreased by 25,1%. If the index was 883,7 million tenges in 2014, that level went down till T661,4 million for December 31, 2015.