How much money spend a tourist who arrived to Kazakhstan?


Almaty. 11 April. — Each foreign tourists spent 96.7 thousand KZT in Kazakhstan. This is 22 percent more compared to 2016.

In the beginning 2017 Sample survey will participate 10,05 foreign tourist. Including 53 percent of men, 47 percent women.

The incomes in Kazakhstan’s business and professional trips is 24,5% and who cames with personal goals consist 75,5%. In comparison with the last year, only 21.3 percent of tourists visit.

The total damage and loss of business tourists this year was 42.1 percent. Last year, it amounted to 408.9 million, 40.2%.

Any foreign tourist spends 96.7 thousand KZT in the country. This is more than 22 percent compared to the last time. However, the flow of tourists business travelers consist 165.8 thousand KZT. Expenses of tourists with personal purposes 2 times more (74,3 thousand KZT)

According to the Kazakh National Security Committee, last year 6.5 million the tourist сrossed the border. This is 1.2 percent more compared to 2015. If the number of tourists was not changing, at least 6.6 million tourists will came to Kazakhstan.

Stateless persons on the territory of Kazakhstan, who the main characters of our article was  971.9 million.  The foundation part 324.9 million KZT (33.4%) will be transfer in international traffic.

And 25.9 percent of the 252.1 million will be used to buy the product , including 24.4 percent of souvenirs and gifts, 23.8 percent of the clothing and footwear, 22.9 percent of the precious stones and metals, antiques, art derivatives, etc. will be spent on things.

Non-resident entities spend about 157,2 million KZT for food or 16.2 percent of all expenses spend to eat. Including 44.7 percent will go to cafes and restaurants.

Most of the rest of the tourists would be in friends or relatives. Basically , most of tourist 26.8 percent are staying of the hotel, some of them 12.8 percent prefer to spend a night at home or rent a flat. And 2.1 percent  tourist relax in sanatoriums.