There will not be a deficit of diesel fuel in Kazakhstan


This year, together with the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Energy approved the schedule of diesel fuel supply by regions of the country. The volume provides for about 375 thousand tons of diesel fuel: Atyrau plant — 79, Pavlodar — 233 thousand tons, Shymkent — 63 thousand. Deputy Energy Minister Aset Magauov assured that this year’s deficit of diesel fuel is not expected.

 «In terms of volumes, we do not see the risks that there will be a deficit in the market for diesel fuel. Because compared to last year, our reserves are above the order of 100 thousand tons. It is assumed that the bulk of the shipment will be in April-May. To prevent the price increase, the government decided to cancel the increased excise tax on diesel fuel.

As you know, from April 1 the excise duty was to be 9 thousand 300 tenge per ton. The government decided not to introduce it, accordingly, the excise will remain at the same level — 540 tenge per tonne, «Vice Minister of Energy Aset Magauov said during the press conference. He noted that the overall situation on the oil products market is quite stable.

«We see that on shipments of factories like gasoline and diesel fuel, everything goes quite regularly. And we do not observe any risks on import volumes with the Russian Federation, in particular on 92 gasoline, «Magauov added.

 With the current price at the plant of 127 thousand KZT per ton, according to our forecasts, agricultural producers can already with delivery through the network of oil depots be guided by the price from 117 to 123 KZT per liter. Thus, it will be slightly lower than the price of diesel fuel at filling stations, which as of the current moment amount to 131 KZT per liter, «Magauov said.