Yoghurt from camel’s milk will be producted in South Kazakhstan

Photo by: nur.kz

Almaty. 7 April. 7kun.kz — Businessman from South Kazakhstan is going to product yoghurt from camel’s milk, according to the information from 7kun.kz

Agricultural production cooperative «Aruana» in addition to the camel accepts cow’s milk. At the enterprise they produce shubat, milk, ayran and sour cream.

«In the initial period we worked in getting 500 liters of dairy products. At present, the possibility of processing shubat reaches 1 ton per day. Thus, we are promoting our business. The day before, together with Uranium mining companies, they came to an agreement on the supply of 0.5 liters of shubat to each employee. In plans — to reach a daily capacity of up to 5 tons.. «said Zhanbolat Adishov, chairman of the Aruana production cooperative.