Why in the USA petrol prices fell almost twice, but in Kazakhstan tend to up?


From the second half of 2014, the price of oil dropped to 74% in the world market. This must affect the cost of petrol in the local market of each country. The gasoline price goes up even more in Kazakhstan when US government decreasing its prices to petrol, an economist Pyotr Svoik tells to the Nur.kz.

«We have only three oil refineries, each of which in production and logistic sense is the legal monopoly. Not only the market is capable of decreasing the price by the competitiveness of companies, but also state aimed antimonopoly of regulating the price for oil, » expert says.

According to the expert, Russian producers are also involved in controlling the price to petrol in the Kazakhstan petroleum products market.

Nowadays, a lot of experts say that we are not allowed to know what prices of oil to be transmitted to the oil refinery and is there any connections with world exchange prices. Even deputies of the Parliament and departments, responsible for petroleum products market, do know a few information in this case.

The minister of national economy assures us that there will low prices when completion of modernization of oil refinery will be completed. Of course, this is necessary. But to correct structuring the effective price regulation is, even more, necessary. Moreover, modernization on foreign loans somehow doesn’t give hopes for reduction of prices.

Photo: azh.kz