On undertaking of Kazakhstan arrear in salary consist 943 million KZT

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Almaty. 4 April. 7kun.kz — In condition for 1 April of 2017 year the government inspectors of labour in 437 republic undertaking significate arrears in wage to 7.7 th. Workers for 943 million KZT, according press-club MLSP of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Director of undertaking was couched up 388 dictates, obligingly to fulfinment and apposition of fine for more 49 million KZT.

As a result of measures taken, including urgent payments and terms of repayment of wage arrears, the rights of more than 5 thousand employees. They were paid  654 million KZT.

A work with extinction remaining debt in salary is continues.

In basic, the gone period of this year the government inspectors of labour is canalized 1 549 checking, revealed 1.8 th. different infraction of legislation of Republic of labour Republic of Kazakhstan and appositioned a fine for 65.6 million KZT.

Written by Assem Ilesbay